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Multicultural Arts Center

41 Second st

Cambridge, MA 02141

United States


Level 1

Week 1:  intro to Kiz. basic 1,2,3, Lady saïda                        and man saïda

Week 2: basic turns and combinations 

Week 3: men saida+turn combinations 

Week 4: basic styling 

Week 5: basic leading and following focus

Week 6: overall combinations


Level 4

Intenssive Session.

- Energy flow


- Self control & partner control

Limited in number of people. must sign up a week in advance

Screen Shot 2021-11-16 at 7.03.50 PM.png

Level 2

Week 1:  variations of saïda
Week 2: inside turns tricks and                                      combinations 
Week 3: framework and core strength 
Week 4: lady styling + men footwork
Week 5: leading and following energy                          control
Week 6: overall combinations


Level 3


week 1: footwork & Styling

week 2: footwork & Styling

week 3: self & Partner balance

week 4: creative moves and patterns

week 5:creative moves and patterns

week 6: musicality

New Session (5 weeks special)
Level 3 starts March 26th 4:30pm

Level 3 

week1: March 26th 4:30pm

week2: April 9th 4:30pm

week3: April 16th 4:30pm

week4: April 23rd 4:30pm

week5: April 30th 4:30pm

Level 1                                                       Level 2

week1: April 2nd 7:30pm.                  8:30pm

week2: April 9th 7:30pm.                   8:30pm

week3: April 16th 7:30pm.                 8:30pm

week4: April 23rd 7:30pm.                 8:30pm

week5: April 30th 7:30pm.                 8:30pm


  • No partner needed

  • Dance classes for all levels

  • Meet new people

  • Fun, friendly environment

  • No more excuses!



  • $85 for 6-week session/person

  • $20 drop-in class

  • $150 for 6-week session combo (level 1&2)

  • $30 drop-in class​ (level 1&2)

  • 6-week Intensive session $100 (level 4)

No make-up classes or refunds

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