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We welcome all students

to learn the sensual dance of Urban Kiz

from Ceijay!



Jean G. Paul, better known as Ceijay, Born February 5th 1984 in Haiti.

Ceijay moved to the

U.S in 2000 to continue his education and fulfill his dreams.


Ceijay began dancing at age 12

and soon became passionate about kizomba by age 20. After years of dancing, perfecting his skills, he started teaching Kizomba at a small studio in Dorchester MA in 2009, then, 2 years later he opened his own dance studio.


He found a young talented dancer from Albania, Brunilda Tusha also known as Bruna.


  Brunilda moved to the United State of America in 2002.

After completing her studies, she got introduced into the Latin rhythm in 2010

and continued dancing Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, and Kumbia until present.

 It wasn’t until 2015 when she was exposed to Kizomba.


She quickly felt mesmerized by the beauty and sensuality of this dance,

so she decided to devote all the passion she had for the dance on how to

improve her dancing skills and later how to share those skills

 with other kizomba followers that were equally eager to learn the dance.


Ceijay and Bruna share the same goal, partnered up to continue sharing their skills.


their style is unique and advanced moves allow the city of Boston to move to the sensual beats of Kizomba comfortably.



their goals are to have dancing facilities

in many communities within the north and south shore of Boston.


Their ambitions are to teach and promote kizomba throughout the world as an art, hobby, physical activity and willingness to achieve self goals.






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